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Welcome 2 the Jungle (W2J) / DISC Assessment is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

This an excellent tool to use for organizations and teams in order to increase productivity and commradre.

The W2J / Disc assessment is also an excellent tool for couples, families, and individuals to use to better understand one another and increase communication and therefore minimizing arguments and miscommunication. 

When your purchase and take your W2J /DISC Personality Assessment for $97.00 you will receive a detailed 13- page report overlaid with the 4 Animals during your debrief session. The results of your assessment will help you improve your personal and professional relationships.

Navigating the Jungle of Relationships for Couples

Discover the Path to Understanding with the
W2J DISC Assessment for Couples!


Understanding Begins with Uncovering.

Every couple is unique, especially when juggling between parenting and professional commitments. The challenge? Misunderstandings because you assume you know each other well. Just because you know each other doesn't mean you understand each other's temperament.

Who is this for?

  • Couples striving to balance raising a family with running a business or being at the peak of their careers.

  • Those who feel they're constantly misunderstood by their partner, despite knowing each other inside out.

  • Couples who've sought counseling but haven’t found lasting tools to facilitate deeper understanding.

Why the W2J DISC Assessment for Couples?

  1. Discover your individual communication styles.

  2. Decipher the nuances of your personalities.

  3. Dedicate to understanding each other's strengths and areas of improvement.


- Strengthen Your Bond: Understand each other on a deeper, more intrinsic level.

- Get The Tools: Not just any tools, but practical ones tailored to your unique temperaments.

- Boost Your Professional Lives: Enhanced understanding and communication will invariably lead to professional success.

- Illuminate Blind Spots: Recognize the patterns, triggers, and habits that cause rifts.


Personalized Action Plan: We understand you're busy. That's why, post-assessment, you’ll receive a streamlined action plan during your Couples Debrief. You will receive your individual detailed 13- page report overlaid with the 4 Animals along with a specifically curated action plan for you to build healthier relationships.



"Thanks to the W2J DISC, we found clarity. We understood the 'why' behind our patterns. Now, we communicate effortlessly!" - Andre & Ayanay

"It has strengthened me as a husband, to understand my wife better!! You need to bring your whole family into the Jungle" - Brian G. 


Special Offer for Power Couples!

For a limited time, 25% discount available on the W2J DISC Assessment for Couples for $145.00
Normally $194.00 ($97 per person). Offer valid till December 31, 2024.

Invest in understanding today for a harmonious tomorrow.


Because the path to a lasting, thriving relationship begins with understanding, not just knowing.


Book your W2J DISC Assessment for Couples now for $145.00 and pave the way for a more understanding, loving, and successful future together!







The Four Animals run "the jungle," in W2J:
a lion, flamingo, chameleon, and a turtle.
Each of them does things differently.


- What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works?

- What if you knew that someone’s over-bearing personality could be used as a strength?

- Or the fact that your indecisiveness means you're adaptable?

The best relationships are balanced, emphatic towards one another, accountable, and open. W2J breaks down HOW people communicate and WHY they do what they do


Unraveling the Mystique of Team Dynamics with the W2J DISC Assessments for Teams

Unlock the Power of Understanding & Respect to Transform Your Team's Communication

Lost in Miscommunication?

  • Decreased productivity due to misunderstandings?

  • Teams working in silos with no unified direction?

  • Frustration and conflict arising from unclear directives?

  • Falling short of goals with no clear path forward?

You're Not Alone
Miscommunication is the quicksand of team dynamics, pulling projects, morale, and results down.


Introducing W2J DISC Assessment for Teams
Illuminate the path through the complexities of team temperaments. With our specialized assessment, discover the unique blend of personalities within your team and learn how to harmonize them for success.


  1. Enhanced Team Cohesion: Foster a harmonious work environment, where every member feels valued and understood.

  2. Peak Productivity: Utilize the strengths of each member, minimizing misunderstandings and boosting efficiency.

  3. Boosted Morale: Create a positive atmosphere that drives motivation, reduces turnover, and increases job satisfaction.

  4. Unleash Creativity: Benefit from diverse temperaments that lead to innovative solutions.

  5. Strengthen External Relations: A cohesive team translates to better interactions with clients and stakeholders.

Hear from the Trailblazers
"The W2J DISC Assessment transformed our leadership team, turning misunderstandings into understanding, and fostering a unity we never knew was possible." – Pastor Gullins, From The Heart Church Ministries of Chicago 

"After the W2J DISC Assessment, our virtual assistant leadership team collaborated seamlessly, breaking down virtual barriers and maximizing our collective strengths." – Kenn Collier, CEO, IHR Buddy Virtual Staffing Solutions

Ready to Lead Your Team Out of the Jungle?
Start your journey with W2J DISC Assessment for Teams today

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