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Welcome 2 the Jungle (W2J) / DISC Assessment is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

This an excellent tool to use for organizations and teams in order to increase productivity and commradre.

The W2J / Disc assessment is also an excellent tool for couples, families, and individuals to use to better understand one another and increase communication and therefore minimizing arguments and miscommunication. 

When your purchase and take your W2J /DISC Personality Assessment for $97.00 you will receive a detailed 13- page report overlaid with the 4 Animals during your debrief session. The results of your assessment will help you improve your personal and professional relationships.

W2J: DISC: About


In a W2J/DISC assessment, individuals answer a series of questions. Based on their answers, they are assigned a main personality type (D - the Lion, I - the Flamingo, S - the Chameleon, or C - the Turtle) and secondary personality characteristics.

The W2J/DISC assessment utilizes the Four Animals to associate the personality types in a more visual manner which makes the association of the personality types more recognizable and memorable. A W2J/DISC assessment also measures the values you prioritize.

The results explain the percentage of each style you are and what that means for how you handle challenges, interact with others, approach life and how others perceive you.

In addition to basic information, the assessment report can include these details:

- It provides your employees’ scores in each dimension, revealing work- and nonwork-related personality strengths and weaknesses.

- It suggests personalized tactics and strategies for increased effectiveness with colleagues that have varying results.

- It summarizes your employees’ prime values to your organization.

- It pinpoints opposite W2J/DISC types and how best to approach them.

Like other personality or behavior-assessment tools, W2J/DISC works by helping your staff become more self-aware. Increased self-awareness will help you recognize your colleagues’ strengths in order to harness them and their shortcomings for a basis in which to improve. When everyone has taken the same assessment, you have a common framework to view each employee, which will guide decision-making. 

W2J: DISC: Text


Four animals run "the jungle," in W2J: a lion, flamingo, chameleon, and a turtle. Each of them does things differently.

- What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works?

- What if you knew that someone’s over-bearing personality could be used as a strength?

- Or the fact that your indecisiveness means you're adaptable?

The best relationships are balanced, emphatic towards one another, accountable, and open. W2J breaks down HOW people communicate and WHY they do what they do

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The W2J assessment will help you improve these four key relationship components





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