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MAPS Marriages and Parenting Successfully in Life & Business


Thrive Together In Love and Success

Empowering Entrepreneurial Couples to Succeed in Business and Romance




Self Paced Course

Relationship Revival

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Reignite Your Love:
Transform Your Relationship
in Just 3 Days

Virtual Self-Paced Course

Unlock the Secrets to a Deeper Connection:

There's no time like today to transform your relationship and reconnect with your partner. This three-day journey is an invaluable investment that can bring you and your loved one closer, building a lasting foundation of love, joy, and understanding.

Seize this chance to reignite your love and embark on a journey that will change your relationship for the better. Make the choice today to nurture your connection and unlock a stronger, more fulfilling partnership!

Exclusive Experiences

We are passionate about sharing the vibrant, liberated lifestyle that we've embraced while living abroad.

Our goal is to curate exclusive experiences that introduce couples and groups to the beauty of Panama. 
Whether you are looking for a serene tropical retreat or immersing yourself in the diverse culture of Panama we can curate an experience for you.

By offering these unique experiences, we aim to provide a deeper, more authentic connection to this hidden gem. 

Join us to explore the heart of Panama through its people, traditions, and flavors.

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Coach Glenn
Leadership & Relationship 
Development Specialist

Author | Speaker | Coach

Glenn's decades of service in the military, radio industry, and ministry helped him to develop his leadership skills.  Some would say he was born with a microphone in his hand due to his uncanny ability to connect to his audience and inspire and motivate them to execution.  His super power is his ability to connect people and teach others how to establish lasting connections. He is relationally driven and his mission is to help others develop the skills to have lasting and fulfilling relationships in their personal and professional lives.



Relationship Coaching

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M.A.P.S.: Marriage and Parenting Successfully In Life and Business Coaching Community

M.A.P.S. is an innovative online relationship group coaching program tailored to empower married couples facing the unique challenges of balancing a thriving relationship while navigating the complexities of building a business or managing divergent career paths.

Whether you're an entrepreneurial duo or one partner works a traditional 9-5 job, MAPS is designed to help you achieve harmonious and fulfilling partnerships while raising children and preserving the vital boundaries in your marriage. 

Relationship Coaching

Group and Individual

We offer weekly group coaching sessions for couples, men, and women in a safe space for individuals and couples to get support and tools to equip them to successfully face the challenges in marriage and parenting.  Individual and couples coaching sessions are also available.


In addition, we also offer specialized individual coaching programs such as Pre-Engagement, Pre-Marriage, Blended Family, and Parenting that are customized based on your individual needs.  Our goal is to provide a loving coaching environment for you to grow and nurture your relationship no matter what the current state is of your relationship.

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Domenick Epps

Husband, Father, Ultrapreneur

"The reason I joined MAPS was because of the transparency you shared from the stage at that marriage workshop 7 years ago when me and Queen had signed separation papers. It was what saved our marriage!! We will be celebrating 16 years of marriage this year and the relationships, wisdom, and support of this community have played a key role in us reaching this milestone. Your willingness to be vulnerable and show your scars is what drew us, but the community and tools we have developed is what keeps us in #MAPS4Life."

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Marsha Tate

Marsha Tate
Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"I began my journey with MAPS as a member of the Business Intensive. as a result, I was introduced to the relationship and parenting groups as a bonus. My husband and I are always looking for ways to keep our 27 year marriage fresh. The lessons learned have been priceless and have helped to make our family better.  Over the past 3 years, we have healed from the trauma of our childhoods, repaired our relationships with our oldest sons, and built a solid foundation of inclusivity with our younger sons. Life is good and I am grateful for the connections, wisdom, and family we have found in M.A.P.S.

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