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Relationship Community

What is M.A.P.S.

Marriage and Partnership Successfully

M.A.P.S. is an innovative online relationship group coaching program tailored to empower married couples facing the unique challenges of balancing a thriving relationship while navigating the complexities of building a business or managing divergent career paths.

Whether you're an entrepreneurial duo or one partner working a traditional 9-5 job, M.A.P.S. is designed to help you achieve harmonious and fulfilling partnerships while raising children and preserving the vital
boundaries in your marriage.

Glenn and Sheri Brooks Jr
Glenn and Sheri Brooks Jr
Glenn and Sheri Brooks Jr

M.A.P.S. was founded by Glenn & Sheri Brooks, Jr. as an answer to the need for couples and parents to have a safe community with others who are striving to have success in their marriage and business lives. 

Program Highlights:

1.     Mutual Growth: MAPS fosters a culture of continuous development, enabling couples to evolve both personally and professionally, resulting in a stronger partnership.

2.     Alignment of Values: We emphasize the importance of defining shared values, ensuring that both partners are on the same page when it comes to their family, business, and personal aspirations.

3.     Effective Communication: Our program places a premium on Effective Communication, providing couples with the tools and strategies to navigate even the most challenging conversations with respect and empathy.

4.     Balancing Act: We understand the juggling act of raising children while pursuing your dreams. MAPS equips you with techniques to strike the right balance between family life and your career ambitions.


5.     Healthy Boundaries: We recognize the significance of maintaining Healthy Boundaries within a marriage. Our coaching helps you set clear boundaries, ensuring your relationship remains a priority even in the midst of business endeavors.

6.     Expert Guidance: MAPS is led by experienced relationship coaches who provide personalized support, guidance, and practical advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

7.     Community Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded couples who share similar experiences. Share your journey, gain insights, and build lasting connections with others on the same path.

8.     Celebrating Successes: We celebrate milestones and achievements together, reinforcing the joy of achieving both your personal and professional goals within the context of your partnership.

M.A.P.S. is your compass for a successful, well-balanced life where love, family, and business thrive harmoniously. If you're committed to growing your relationship while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams or maintaining your 9-5 career, MAPS is your partner in achieving a prosperous, happy, and fulfilling life together.

NEW in 2024


Q1 2024: Starts Sat, Jan 6, 2024
Balancing Life, Business, & Career


Dive into our transformative 4-session virtual bootcamp tailored for couples and individuals striving to harmoniously balance the intricate dance of work and personal life.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or a career-driven individual, this bootcamp is designed to transition your relationship from a mere "so-so" state to the path of vibrancy, openness, and health. Harness practical tools, real-life strategies, and expert insights to not only protect but also nourish the bonds you hold dear.


Discover the secrets of setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing your personal life amidst professional demands, and fostering deep connections that stand the test of time and business pressures. Equip yourself with skills that promise a fulfilling personal life without compromising your business or career ambitions.


Embark on this enlightening journey and redefine what it means to have it all.

$279 per couple

Saturdays @ 9am ET


M.A.P.S. Couples Weekend Getaways

The Monthly Membership Program
gives you access to the following


Weekly Couples Group Coaching session for husbands and wives to develop the skills to have healthy marital and parenting relationships while managing your home and business/professional life, we will provide tools to help you be successful in all areas of your life personally and professionally without sacrificing your relationships



Weekly Men’s Group Session is designed to provide men the tools to become effective leaders in their homes and businesses, men will learn how to navigate manhood and fatherhood in a community of other men who are all striving to grow as men

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Weekly Women’s Group Session is a safe place for women to share their highs & lows and get tools to lead as a partner in their area of strength and learn how to navigate being a wife, mother, and/or entrepreneur or employee without burning out in a community of other women who are there to support one another

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Monthly Business Builder Masterclass for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners designed to help you navigate the challenges of making  your family a priority while prioritizing your business and being successful in both areas of your life.

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MAPS Couples 2023

MAPS Couples 2023

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